Aero India International Seminar – (AIS 2019)

Technical Outline
Plenary Session Talks from International and National leaders will address future aerospace programmmes dealing with military and civil aerospace market requirements, military platforms across all sectors of manned and unmanned, technology insertion, research areas etc.

Sub Theme Talks will be delivered by renowned researchers, academicians and technologists.

Aerospace Materials / Stealth

Advances in materials research & technologies for development of high-performance systems with competitive pricing using innovative manufacturing technologies, product support throughout life-cycle with possible on-site manufacturing capabilities, quality, certification, field support, defect investigations etc., are expected to be presented for the benefit of participants by internationally and nationally acclaimed experts.


National and International experts in the field of hypersonics deal with the topics of global visibility of competence of high speed vehicle science and technology and share their views of research and development activities in the subject domain. The session will have eminent speakers from different entities of research, academia and industry representing various countries. The participants would benefit from the insight on the current status of hypersonic programs, re-usable launch vehicles, present and futuristic international collaborations. Advancements and emerging concepts in ramjet/scramjet technology are expected to be deliberated in tune with the demanding requirements.

Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning in Aerospace

Experienced technologists, researchers and academicians representing world renowned technology/aerospace companies and academic institutions would bring up the perspective of how the aerospace majors leverage the artificial intelligent systems, applications and  technologies to achieve  efficiency and robustness in implementation, testing and production of complex designs within shorter development cycle times. Benefits in solving difficult problems more efficiently, long-term optimization, planning, providing human-like capabilities, novel ideas etc., are expected to be deliberated that benefit the aerospace, data science and software community.

Sensors / Avionics

Renowned technologists and researchers, both from India and abroad, have been invited to provide insight in growing field of radars, electronic warfare systems etc., sensors and navigation systems under avionics. Advanced topics in these fields that are being pursued/envisaged for future will be discussed in the seminar. Participants will be provided with valuable inputs on the state-of-art and futuristic technologies in these fields. Areas such as multimode surveillance and fire control radars, electronic support measures, multi-sensor systems for multi-mission maritime aircraft, sense and avoid, cognitive airborne surveillance systems will be covered in the seminar under this sub-theme.



The session brings out the present and futuristic aspects of missile propulsion, highlighting the genuine features of solid propulsion systems which are work-horse for both missile and space applications. Eminent speakers will also dwell upon the advanced phase of research work being carried out world-wide for enhancing the performance of solid fuel and techniques to handle the energetic binder materials. Manufacturing process of solid propellants such as low melting temperature thermoplastic propellant and green propellant will be addressed.


The current trend in space propulsion is transforming the access to and operation in space with emphasis on economic considerations. Participation of private industries has brought in great transformation in developing new propulsion systems as well as innovative use of developed systems. Renowned experts in the field of space propulsion will provide insight into propulsion technologies, for both launch vehicles and spacecraft. Topics associated with solid, liquid, cryogenic, semi-cryogenic, electric and air-breathing propulsion systems will be addressed with specific emphasis on Indian space programme. Internationally acclaimed scientists will address the exciting future trends in space propulsion.

Gas Turbine

World renowned leaders in gas turbine propulsion would bring up the perspective of gas turbine engines that have dominated aircraft propulsion over the last six decades delivering the required levels of thrust over a wide range of flight conditions. These will include the next generation gas turbine engines for combat systems. The talks will explore the emergence of integrated power systems, combining the delivery of propulsive thrust with high levels of electrical power and system level thermal management. The topics associated with integrated power systems relate to the impact of digital and more intelligent systems. They will also highlight the product lifecycle, from design and development through to in-service support. Emerging areas viz., all electric and hybrid propulsion will also be discussed.

UAV / UCAV / Stealth

Future warfare is going to be dominated by UAVs and their combat variants. Technologies and payloads play a significant role in development of these advanced vehicles considering the additional challenge of flying in shared airspace with their civilian counterparts. The war game simulation that needs to be dynamically adaptable to the changing conventional and unconventional scenarios, network centric, geo-spatial gaming space, system engineering approach to futuristic aircraft development and case studies are going to be presented and deliberated under this theme for the benefit of technocrats, scientists and student participants.